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Juan Melli

The view from our balcony

A Room with a View

Oct 24, 2023
Staying at a hotel room in Monument Valley with an unforgettable view from our balcony created an opportunity for capturing the same view at multiple times of the day, including during the special golden and blue hours.

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Sunset in the Wind River Range

Look behind you

Aug 28, 2023
I often have a vision in mind for how I want to a landscape photo to look. When the light is changing, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to capture the moment, but it’s also important to look around and behind you, because you never know what you might be missing.

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Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone Wildlife & Natural Wonders

Aug 27, 2023
An intact ecosystem with bison, wolves, bears, moose, and more. Hydrothermal features, including nearly half of the world’s active geysers. Geologic wonders like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. Any one of these traits would be a must-visit destination. Yellowstone has them all and more.

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Alpenglow on the back of the Cirque of the Towers behind Shadow Lake

Five Days in The Winds

Aug 20, 2023
On August 11-15, 2023, my father, a friend, and I spent 5 days backpacking in the Wind River Range, a combination of on- and off-trail travel that included the famous Cirque of the Towers and the less-visited Desolation Valley.

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10 Tips for Hiking With Kids

May 23, 2023
Like parenting in general, hiking with kids can be extremely rewarding or frustrating, and it will probably be a bit of both. I partnered with The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey on a piece for NJ Family magazine on hiking with kids.

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East Hudson Trails Map

May 15, 2023
A full-circle moment that brings me great joy – one of my photos of the Hudson River running between Storm King and Bull Hill taken at dawn from a ledge on the Washburn Trail will be featured on the back cover of the new East Hudson Trails map set.

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Two photos, two stories

Oct 1, 2022
One photo is of me and my dad on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s a photo of triumph, but it’s a deception. The other photo is of me and my dad with the people without whom we certainly wouldn’t have made it.

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